Life’s Bliss When You’ve Got That Promotion Know-How!

For hire: promotion professional. Powerful, well built. Less miles on the clock than maybe you first thought. Friendly, reliable. Very, very good mover.

Nathan Blissett doesn’t need to take out adverts to get himself work.

His CV is an easy sell and an enjoyable read. It doesn’t take long for anyone in need of that certainly something to pick up the phone.

Solihull Moors did just that when their attack needed that bit of extra sharpening in December.

The mid-season mover is at it again.

When the Midlands club found themselves right up there as the year was about to turn, they remembered exactly what the towering 28-year-old did for Macclesfield Town in a very similar situation.

Now ahead of the live BT Sport teatime game with Maidstone, the ultimate Mr Fix It is looking to nail yet another promotion.

“I’m happy to be the player that managers call on to get a team over the line!” said Blissett, who is hoping to send the club back to the top of the table this weekend.

“It not the worst part to play. It’s really fun, I have already won three promotions and all have come in the same way - brought in half way through the season with one goal in mind.

“I’ve been lucky, I have been able to get the job done a few times!

“Last season I was with Macclesfield and managed to get quite a few goals which helped take us to the title.

“I also helped to get Bristol Rovers up via Wembley. That was a great feeling. Having joined in November I felt a big part of the team.

“Before that I went up with Plymouth Argyle after signing in January from Torquay.

“Nobody wants me in the summer months but once the season gets started I am your man if you want to go up!”

He’s not kidding. The striker specialises in promotion, but can Solihull seriously sustain this challenging having been such rank outsiders at the start of the season?

“Ask Macclesfield!” he said. “Everyone was saying the same thing last year but the difference is it became clear by this point that we were the real deal.

“Macclesfield were long odds to win it as well, but the difference is that they have been in the Football League for many years before.

“They weren’t strangers to League Two, the club had that history.

“If we take Solihull up, then it will be an historic moment as the club have never been there before. It’ll be incredible if we could.

“Saturday is an important game but if I have learned one thing this season it’s that clubs are very evenly matched.

“If you aren’t on your game, against any side, you will get turned over. There’s no playing at 70 per cent and winning games. Just doesn’t happen.”

But be warned: trying to do down the Moors will only get the 6f 5ins forward and his friends even more pumped up.

He told us: “Last season with Macclesfield we were the best footballing team in the league.

“We just were, and people always paid us compliments and most people know we fully deserved to win the league.

“This year you hear things when you are playing, people saying we’re this or that or having a pop at us.

“We’re not bothered by that. We’re a good side with fully committed players. We’re getting better with every game and we just want to keep proving that.”

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