Jodi's Dad Grief Help Put Notts County On Wembley Way

Jodi Jones’ old man can claim an assist for getting Notts County to Wembley after giving his son a gallon of goalscoring stick!

The club's fans can thank the ribbing he hands out for last Sunday's superb celebrations.

That and the wingers’ decision to ignore his hunch that his time in the game was up with his life in tatters after yet another devastating injury.

His wild shirtless celebration masked an until-then luckless career that would have long retired lesser characters.

His proud dad Jay has always kept his troubled eldest’s spirits high and winding the 25-year-old up about the fact his little brother has left him in the shade this season is just one of the ways.

That was until last weekend, when his late extra time winner sealed the Magpies Promotion Final place - and Jodi the upper hand in the sibling rivalry!

He could brag all summer long if he helps end Notts’ EFL exile and the on-loan Oxford United player is no stranger to winning battles.

When he suffered a third ACL injury last year, he feared that it was game over.

But there’s life in the tricky talent yet and many seasons of frustrations came out when his winner beat Boreham Wood and sealed their National League Promotion Final place.

He said: “I’ve had a lot of stick from my old man, telling me I’ve not scored this season.

“In fact he keeps telling me I am the only Notts County player who hasn’t scored this season!

“He is always winding me up, just being a dad - it doesn’t help that my brother keeps scoring as well.

“I’ve saved it for a special day, that’s all I can say back to them!”

Jodi added: “I love football, it’s more accurate to say I eat, sleep and breathe football. That’s why the injuries have really hurt me.

“When I got injured for the third time I did say to myself ‘you’ve got a serious problem here now’. I remember almost accepting I would be able to carry on.

“But I didn’t want to give up. I stuck at it and had support.

“The day I decided to carry on was after looking at photos of myself as a young boy playing, that’s what helped me. My family also helped me a lot, and I need to be a role model for my brothers as well.

“Not a lot of people make it as a footballer from my area (Bow, East London) and I want to prove that it can be done, that there is a pathway.

“I looked at the photos of myself and said ‘this kid has a dream to be a football player’ so I couldn’t stop, as much as I felt I may have to last year.”

He’s got a secret for County fans, too - the match referee could have cost them dear last Sunday.

He said: “It was such an incredible feeling to score the winner but I don’t remember much after it went in.

“It’s a black-out when the ball hits the net. It’s got to be the highlight of my career so far but now we want to make it a promotion season.

“It’s funny because I had to ask the referee to move about five times just because I scored, he couldn’t hear me!

“I just knew I had to get on the ball and he was in the way. The game was nearly over, so I just went for it.

“It was a good job that he heard me and gave me some room!”

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