Daggers Issue Inih Update Following Pitch Collapse

Dagenham & Redbridge manager Ben Strevens has issued an update on the condition of striker Inih Effiong.

The 32-year-old was rushed to hospital when he collapsed seconds after the defeat at Maidenhead United on Saturday afternoon.

Powerful forward Effiong was allowed home on Monday, much to the relief of everyone in football as well as his family and friends.

Now Strevens has spoken about the terrible moment and says he felt powerless after the player suddenly hit the floor.

Neither Dagenham or Effiong are yet to provide another further details about what happened but the former Eastleigh boss was quick to praise the speedy reaction of medical staff following the match in Berkshire.

He said: “It was a really scary moment for everyone after the game. I just felt helpless more than anything. I just stood there wanting to help but couldn’t. I have to say thank you to the staff at Maidenhead for how quickly they got to see him.

“He is a bit shook up by what happened still. As you would imagine they have to give him certain drugs - he wasn’t 100% himself, but I have been able to talk to him.

“He was allowed out of hospital, which is great news - but he has got to have further tests because of the nature of what happened.

“As soon as we hear more on that, we will speak to him about it, but it’s not going to be a quick process.

“It was important for us not to come straight out and talk about it before we established the facts and until I spoke to Inih and his fiancé.

“As soon as we know more, we will let everyone know as soon as possible. We’re hoping now for a full recovery for himself and right now that’s what we’re focusing on.”

Daggers will miss his presence on the pitch and off it. They have just one point to show from their four games and have lost their last three.

It’s leaders Barnet up next and Strevens says panic hasn’t set in despite the slow start to the campaign.

“The message is that we’re four games into the season and so far that’s not us,” he told the club’s video player.

“It’s really early and we need to have a little understanding. We’ve got some big players missing for us at the moment but hopefully they’re start coming back.

“We’re playing Barnet next who are up the top of the table and it’s brilliant. We’re down the bottom and it’s anyone’s game.”

Where next?

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