Teammates: Lee Worgan - Maidstone United

We've been getting to know the Maidstone United squad with Lee Worgan having his say on his teammates!

The Stones goalkeeper answered some of our questions and gave us the lowdown...

The Team DJ?

Dressing room DJ is Magnus Okonghae or Jamar Loza. Neither are the greatest to be honest!

First to training?

I’m usually the first in as I hate being late and I’m closely followed by the Jai Reason, Stuart Lewis, Jack Paxman and Tom Wraight car school who usually walk in arguing amongst themselves.

Last to training?

Definitely Delano Sam-Yorke. He always hits “traffic” on the way in.

Biggest eater?

The biggest eater is Alex Finney. He has two lunches, says he’s vegetarian so gets a veg only meal, and then has a plate of meat and pasta claiming he’s not had enough food!

Teacher's pet?

Teacher's pet - Johan Ter Horst will do whatever anyone tells him to, he wants to be loved.

Worst car?

The cars are not bad to be fair. It is quite funny seeing our full-back Joe Anderson leaving the car park in his black cab as he goes straight to work after training.

Best dressed?

A few of the boys like to claim they're the best dressed - but probably Jack Paxman, the lad's got a bit and should go on Love Island.

Worst dressed?

There was a rumour that Reece Prestedge wore brown shoes with blue laces once!

Hard man in the team?

We haven’t really got a hard man as such. Reece Prestedge is always angry but I wouldn’t want to see Magnus Okonghae switch on someone.

Most likely to go into management?

Stuart Lewis, he loves talking about tactics and systems. I could see myself in a coaching capacity one day as well.

Joker in the group?

I couldn’t actually pick out one person as everyone has their time as the joker every now and again.

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