Griffin Hopes BT's Cameras Bring Luck With Them Again!

Peter Griffin landed back in the UK this week to catch up on all the football news he’s missed while taking a break in Spain.

He hopefully missed one Sunday headline following their winless start to the new season.

It went along the lines of ‘Devonshire: We’re Already In A Relegation Scrap’. Defeat at Hartlepool United didn’t go down well.

The manager may be predicting Maidenhead United are in it up to their necks, but their chairman is a little more relaxed about it all.

He’s too busy to read too much beyond the headlines anyway. The Magpies are not only hosting Maidstone this Saturday, but they’re welcoming the BT Sport cameras as well.

“I’m not worried yet!” he said. “We’ve not had a good start, one points from four games isn’t what we warned but people are quick to forget.

“We went four games without a win when we won the National League South, and we certainly had that kind of run last year.

“Dev is Dev, he says what’s on his mind and that’s what we love about him. He said before the start of this season that the second year will be tougher. It always is.

“He’s experienced enough, but we finished 12th last year - for a part-time club that is pretty impressive I think. Living up to what we achieved it always going to be such a huge challenge, it’s just how football is.

“Of course this season is going to be difficult but remember in the last year we have lost three players to the Football League and one this month to the Premier League. Those type of players are very difficult to replace.”

Griffin hopes history repeats itself on Saturday lunchtime.

“The last time BT Sport were here was around this time last year for our home game against Hartlepool United,” he told us.

“We played superbly and secured our first win of the season. Let’s hope that happens again but we’re quite relaxed about it all.

“We were watched by between 300 and 350 for a decade before our recent success. Now it’s three times that and we’re proud of the fact that we’ve come so far.”

Griffin, if nothing else, is famous for his positive thinking in Berkshire.

“Anyway, we may have had a poor start but actually in the first three games we have bettered the results we got against the same teams in those fixtures last year.

“If that isn’t encouraging, I don’t know what is!”

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