Holleran: Brakes' Late Lapses Have To Stop Or Else!

Paul Holleran has warned Leamington they'll end up in a relegation fight if they don't figure out how to stop the late goals going in.

It’s a problem that’s threatening to wipe away the Brakes’ decent start after conceding late goals at Ashton, Spennymoor and Stourbridge in recent weeks.

And the manager is determined not to let it continue. “Without sounding like a parrot, it’s been three weeks out of four,” he told the Warwick Courier.

“September has been a poor month for us and we’ve got to be mindful that we don’t want it to become a mental thing.

“The changing room is a good place at the moment and quite vibrant. We’ve not got the pressure of last year but I’m aware that if we don’t eradicate the problem, we can get sucked back down there.”

The side have a weekend off as the FA Cup comes around again. And for Holleran, it’s come at the right time as he looks to arrest their recent issues.

“Stourbridge and Ashton were a familiar thing,” he said. “Balls into the box that we would normally have dealt with.

“Sometimes you can look at things too deeply but there are things we can do better. We can wor a little bit harder to stop the ball coming into our box and we can defend crosses better at certain periods.”

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