National League Statement | Torquay United

An Independent Panel, commissioned by the National League, has met to hear the case of a Member Club who were charged with and alleged breach of League rules.

Torquay United Football Club were charged with a breach of League rule 6.9.

Rule 6.9 states: “Any Club found to have played an ineligible Player in a match or matches shall have any points gained from that match or matches deducted from its record, up to a maximum of 12 points, and have levied upon it a fine. The Board may also order that such match or matches be replayed on such terms as are decided by the Board which may also levy penalty points against the Club in default.

The Board may vary its decision in respect of the points gained in circumstances where:
(a) the ineligibility is due to the failure to obtain an International Transfer Certificate or
(b) where the ineligibility is related to a change in the Player’s status with the Club for whom
he is registered or
(c) where the Board determined that exceptional circumstances exist”

The findings of the hearing is as follows:
The Independent Panel ruled Torquay United Football Club were deemed guilty of one breach of Rule 6.9 for failing to ensure all players were not under suspension prior to participating in a match – therefore fielding an ineligible player.

The Panel concluded that one point gained from the fixture should be deducted from the Club’s record from playing season 2023/24 plus a fine of £750.

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